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Lorillard Lofts

Rules & Regulations

Use & Restrictions

(A) Use of Units - Generally

  1. Wherever in these Use and Restrictions reference is made to "Unit Owners," such term shall apply to the owner of any Unit, to such Unit Owner's family, tenants (whether or not in residence), servants, employees, agents, visitors and to any guests, invitees or licensees of such Unit Owner, his family or the tenant of such Unit Owner. Wherever in these Use and Restrictions reference is made to the Council, such reference shall include the Council and any managing agent when the managing agent is acting on behalf of the Council.
  2. The Unit Owners shall comply with all the Rules and Regulations governing the Units, the Buildings, stairwells, building entrances, balconies, drives, recreational areas, grounds, parking areas and any other Common Elements appurtenant to the Condominium Project.
  3. There shall be no obstruction of the Common Elements. Nothing shall be stored on the Common Elements without the prior consent of the Board of Directors, except as expressly permitted under the terms of the Condominium Documents. No portion of the Common Elements shall be decorated or furnished by any Unit Owner in any manner. The Common Elements shall be used only for the furnishing of the services and facilities for which the same are reasonably suited and which are incident to the use and occupancy of the Units. The sidewalks, building entrances and stairwells shall be used for no purpose other than for normal transit. No Unit Owner shall enter upon the roofs of any of the Buildings without the prior consent of the Board of Directors or managing agent and no antennas, satellite dishes or other devices for transmitting or receiving electronic, microwave or similar signals or any other structure, equipment or other similar items may be placed on any roof or in any portion of the Common Elements.
  4. Nothing shall be done or kept in any of the Common Elements, which will increase the rate of insurance for the Buildings or contents thereof without the prior written consent of the Board of Directors. No Unit Owner shall permit anything to be done or kept in the Unit or on the Common Elements which will result in the cancellation of insurance on the buildings or contents thereof or which would be in violation of any public law, ordinance, or regulation. No gasoline or other explosive or inflammable material may be kept in any Unit or storage area. No waste shall be committed on the Condominium Project. All radio, television or other electrical equipment of any kind or nature installed or used in each Unit shall fully comply with all rules, regulations, requirements or recommendations of the board of fire underwriters and the public authorities having jurisdiction over the same, and the Unit Owner alone shall be liable for any damage or injury caused by any radio, television or other electrical equipment in such Unit.
  5. All garbage and trash must be placed in the proper receptacles designated for refuse collection and no garbage or trash shall be placed elsewhere.
  6. Except in the recreational or fitness areas designated as such by the Board of Directors, no playing or lounging shall be permitted, nor shall baby carriages, bicycles, playpens, wagons, toys, benches, chairs or other articles of personal property be left unattended in common areas of the Buildings, stairwells, building entrances, parking areas, sidewalks or lawns or elsewhere on or within the Common Elements.
  7. The toilets and other water and sewer apparatus shall be used only for the purposes for which designed, and no sweepings, matches, rags, ashes or other articles not suitable to the intended use of such apparatus shall be thrown therein. The cost of repairing any damage resulting from misuse of any such apparatus shall be borne by the Unit Owner causing such damage. Unit Owners are cautioned against excessive use of soaps and other detergents in their appliances or plumbing apparatus, which may cause overflow of suds in any Unit or in any central waste disposal system. Detergents and soaps shall be used only pursuant to manufacturer's directions.
  8. No Unit Owner shall sweep or throw or permit to be swept or thrown from the Unit, from the doors, windows or balconies thereof, any dirt, water or other substance.
  9. No improper, unlawful, noxious or offensive activity shall be conducted in any Unit or on the Common Elements, nor shall anything be done therein which may be or become unreasonably annoying or a nuisance to the other Unit Owners or occupants of the Units. No Unit Owner shall make or permit any unreasonably loud or disturbing noises in any Building or do or permit anything to be done, which will unreasonably interfere with the rights, comforts, or convenience of other Unit Owners. All Unit Owners shall keep the volume of any radio, television, musical instrument or other sound-producing device in their Units sufficiently reduced at all times so as not to disturb other Unit Owners.
  10. Other than signs identifying the Condominium Project, signage installed by Declarant as part of the construction of the Condominium Project and other signs approved by the Board of Directors, no sign or other window displays or advertising shall be maintained or permitted on any part of the Condominium Project or in any Unit, except that the Declarant, the Board of Directors or the managing agent may place "for sale," "for rent," or "for lease" signs on Units for the purpose of selling or leasing the same, but in no event will any such sign be larger than one foot by two feet nor shall it contain any material considered offensive by the Board of Directors in its discretion (and any sign in violation hereof shall be forthwith removed upon notice from the Board of Directors). Notwithstanding the foregoing, the occupant(s) of the Light Industrial Units and the Professional Office Units shall be permitted to have one sign, each which shall be subject to the prior approval of the Board of Directors, including approval as to size, location, lighting and design.
  11. Except for the "for sale," "for rent" and "for lease" and other signs permitted by this Master Deed (to be filed), no Unit Owner shall cause or permit anything to be hung, displayed or exposed on the exterior of a Unit or the Common Elements appurtenant thereto, whether through or upon the windows, doors, or masonry of such Unit. The prohibition herein includes, without limitation, laundry, clothing, rugs, awnings, canopies, shutters, radio or television antennas, satellite dishes or any other items. Under no circumstances shall any exhaust fan, air conditioning apparatus, television or radio antennas, satellite dishes or other items be installed by the Unit Owner beyond the boundaries of the Unit. No clothesline, clothes rack or any other device may be used to hang any items on any window or balcony, nor may such devices be used anywhere on the Common Elements, except in such areas as may be specifically designated for such use by the Board of Directors. Balconies shall not be used as storage areas. No balcony shall be enclosed or covered by a Unit Owner without the prior written consent of the Board of Directors.
  12. The planting of plants, flowers, trees, shrubbery and crops of any type is prohibited anywhere on the Common Elements, without the prior written consent of the Board of Directors.
  13. Solicitors are not permitted. Any Unit Owner who is contacted by a solicitor on the property is requested to notify the managing agent.
  14. No Unit shall be used for any unlawful purpose and no Unit Owner shall do or permit any unlawful act in or upon a Unit.
  15. No Unit Owner, other than Declarant, shall be permitted to seek a change of the zoning classification of any Unit except upon the approval by a majority vote of the Council. Notwithstanding the foregoing, so long as the Declarant is still the owner of a Unit, Declarant specifically reserves the right to seek a change of the zoning classification of any Unit and Declarant shall be permitted to change the zoning classification for any Unit without the prior approval of the Council.